The 8 TLC’s

We as a Team believe in Healthy Lifestyle and try to encourage each other to make Healthy Lifestyle choices everyday. That’s why we love the 8 TLC’s Project (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes).

Data has shown that balancing these 8 parts of your life leads to happier humans. Healthy Lifestyle Choices can reduce stress, anxiety and trouble concentrating as well as low energy and poor self-esteem. These therapeutic effects are why healthy lifestyles are called “therapeutic lifestyle changes” or “TLCs.” Here’s 8 of them that we try to “do no harm” to, and further, hope to help reach each others goals in each of these:

  • Exercise or physical activity
  • Diet
  • Spending time in nature
  • Relationships
  • Recreation
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Meditation (religious and spiritual involvement)
  • Contribution and service, or altruism

Exercise People who exercise have different proteins moving in their blood that those who don’t. These proteins affect almost every aspect of your body from immune system and blood sugar levels to wound healing and mental health. Exercise not just helps you stay fit, but keep your brain and body healthy at a deep molecular level.

Diet/Nutrition Balanced nutritional diet is very beneficial for your brain. We are very  cautious of what we eat. And when we have corporate lunches we always choose healthy food that positively affect our brain and productivity.

Nature We are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. Studies show that spending time outdoors helps your mental health, especially anxiety and depression. That’s why we try spending time in a natural settings and go to nature retreats once or twice a year. Where we regroup and admire nature as a Team. Being in nature is healing. Good example of this is patients at the hospital who have windows showing nature landscape outside heal better and feel less pain.

Relationships Relations between team members are very important to us. We keep healthy work atmosphere by communicating with each other and being honest. We assume that everyone’s busy and approach colleagues by asking if it’s ok to interrupt them. It helps with being focused and maintain a healthy level of communication at the same time.

Recreation Recreation stands for playfulness, humor and relaxation. All T R I M team members benefit from humor and fun. We keep our work environment professional, but also don’t forget to goof around too.

Relaxation Sometimes it can be very hard to relax in a modern stress world. But we try and succeed…most of the time. That’s why we came up with an idea of a Massage Day. Yes, you heard it – we have a 15-30 minutes massage every month. It helps to relax. A lot!

Meditation It’s a nice thing to do before we start our work day. We do realize that it’s not always possible to maintain this habit in the modern world. That’s why we do collective Yoga sessions on Fridays. Yoga ticks almost every TLC box: meditation, relaxation, relationships and exercise!

Contribution Giving back is a huge part of our team culture. We participate in non-profit events and try to volunteer once a month. Last time we took part in Help the Hungry Volunteer Day and next week we will plant trees in our community!