2 Oct /Trim Brands First Authentic Local Brewery

Posted by Jacqui

The cold carbonated substance that gives way to to a little insight and inspiration when in times of need: beer. It’s been on our mind (and in our bellies) since our initial workshop with featured client: Khoffner Brewery.

Rauf Khoffner’s passion for beer and sense of humor were present as he spoke of his history with beer, travels, and the folk lore of the countries he’s visited.  The client discussed the core concepts desired and then relinquished full control of the project to us. With his confidence in our craft, Trim set forth to execute the branding process.

Our design team started at the drafting table. Carefully tracing images of the brewmaster Khoffner’s face and turning them into digital vector drawings using a Wacom tablet. Further inspired by his stories, images of mythical creatures such as Aisha Kandisha were born. Pairing these images with diligently chosen sans serif and slab fonts of varying families gave the beer label the aesthetic our design team strives for.

As Khoffner’s beer list grows, Trim continues to design branding that portrays Khoffner’s authenticity as well as the whimsy of a person whose lifetime has lead to the mastery of brewing. State of the art equipment is being unpackaged, German Puritan standard brewing methods adhered to, and a whole lot of soul being poured (no pun intended) into the preparation for the Fall launch of Khoffner Brewery. When they say “Beer is in Our Blood”– they’re not kidding.