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Since 2010, T R I M has built over a hundred apps for brands like Red Bull, Spirit Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Chewy, and Nutrient Foods. We know what it takes to translate a valid business problem to a custom software solution. Visualizing your idea with a clickable prototype allows you to test and visualize the project, and we are confident that our team's process and skill set is the right fit to go on the journey with you. So much, that we are willing to do the first $3,000 of work for free. Click below to begin the process.

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Case Study: Azelis, E-Laboratory

As a global leader in chemical formulation and distribution, Azelis has built a team of chemists to develop formulations for consumer products in multiple verticals including skin and hair care. Bringing a chemical formulation to market was taking over six months, with a lot of efficiencies lost in communication gaps, and analog work flows from the lab to the customer. The Azelis team was seeking a digital transformation to overhaul their formulation work flow, and they turned to T R I M for a custom web application.

The Solution:

By conceptualizing a Virtual Laboratory, T R I M created an end-to-end solicitation, specification, and chemical procurement platform that integrated a catalog of over five thousand products and technical data sheets, a custom project creation solution, project management solution with real-time updates from the lab, and an integrated hand-off to the Azelis Sales Team once the chemical formulation completes. This workflow transformation resulted in an increased time-to-market for new chemical products by 300%. The efficiency translates to a faster close rate for new orders for Azelis. This solution was then scaled to other verticals in the companies global portfolio, actualizing tens of millions of dollars in overall revenue.

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Case Study: PBS, Virtual Field Trips

The Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, has a rich history of creating valuable educational video content. But as the country shut down with the Covid-19 pandemic, their traditional YouTube video formats were lost in a sea of the "same-old" educational content. Questioning if there was a better way to deliver to their audience, they turned to the T R I M team.

The Solution:

After shooting a series of 360-Degree video field trips, PBS turned to T R I M to create an immersive, eye-spy experience that brings a child into a virtual city scape. The end result is an immersive, first person iOS app, complete with full gamification, educational benchmarking, and a scalable platform to which future virtual field trips will be added. The app was released free to any child in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing children to "visit" meaningful places despite being stuck at home.


"Having the knowledge and the expertise was really important and the T R I M team really knows what they're doing and it shows. They guided us throughout the whole process."

— Joyce Belloise, PBS

"The T R I M team is family. In the weekly meetings we have connected with them and found that they're passionate about what we're passionate about. They really want to do a good job, they want to represent our brand well."

— Joyce Belloise, PBS

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We believe that short iterations and close collaboration with real humans is the only way to build apps. Full transparency and tight feedback loops are vital. We’ve launched apps with multi-billion dollar companies, and raised millions of dollars alongside incredible founders. Businesses that have worked with T R I M typically see a 5x return on investment in their first year. Software is powerful!

With studios in South Florida, Nashville, and New York City, T R I M provides mobile and web app development by forming a dedicated team of fully in-house, fully on-shore consultants: Your team is full-time out of our U.S based studios, and only works on your project.

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